Colour 288 Lighting Controller
· 288 Channels with 2 DMX optical isolated output.
· Maximum 36 Units for patching all kinds of Fixtures.
· Fixtures within 40 channels are available.
· LCD display in Chinese/English.
· Two Optical Encoders, offer smooth operation and longe life.
· 40 chases. Up to 10 chases can be run simultaneously.
· Up to 100 groups.
· Freely-editing 32 Presets, including various color, gobos and position, are controlled by 8 Preset buttons×4 pages.
· Effect Generator provides circle, square, polygon, rainbow and other Effects.
· Locate fixture button. Fixtures can be controlled speedily and easily.
· Over 8000 fixtures in System Library, with create and edit function of User Library, a new fixture can be created easily.
· Freely download fixtures Lib and firmware updated version.
· USB backup system enable user to backup the show in a file.
· Music trigger function for Chase.
· Chase pause and BLACKOUT function.
· Can be controlled by MIDI Master. Colour 288 can be connected by MIDI signal, one for master, another for slave.
· The data auto-saves.
· Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.
· Size: 482mm×267mm×95mm.
· Net weight: 6kg approx.
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